Sharing Our Faith Together

Under God’s Wings

by Chris Lane 21 January 2024

Isaiah 30:15
The Sovereign Lord, the Holy God of Israel, says to the people, ‘Come back quietly and trust in me’

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Under the shelter of God’s wings by Cindy Wyatt
I am abiding
He is my protector
and keeps me in hiding

Safe and secure
from all danger and harm

So happy to be kept
in his everlasting arms

Content now am I
and free from all worry

Always in his care,
though at times my vision gets blurry

May I focus my sight
on things that are eternal

All things done for God’s glory
are recorded in His journal

Psalm 91:2
‘You are my defender and protector. You are my God; In you I trust’

Father God,
We come to you in prayer this day because you are the one, the only one who has everything in His hands, You are the creator God who made the world by the power of your mighty hand. That same mighty hand covers each one of us, and those everlasting arms are outstretched for us because you are a God who cares. In you we can find rest, we can find peace, in the knowledge that we place our trust in you now, and everyday and until eternity.