Sharing Our Faith Together


by Peter Blount 13 August 2022
First published on 12/8/2020. We continue to post new thoughts but hope you find encouragement and blessing in revisiting some we have previously published.

Welcome to ‘Sharing Our Faith Together’
I’m sure you all recognise this image of the very special stately home in Derbyshire belonging to the Duke of Devonshire ‘Chatsworth House’.

Last week I watched a programme on the telly about the history of this fabulous place (it is worth a visit, no I’m not on commission!). It featured much about the succession of Dukes of Devonshire, who, having acquired vast fortunes spent it either on the house, the gardens, the estate or their guests.

Each time a sum of money was mentioned to do a certain project, using the very best materials and designers, we were given an approximate value in today’s money. Eye popping numbers!! 

Have a read of Luke Ch 12 v 13 – 34.  It's all about a farmer who had so much grain he had to pull down his barns and build bigger ones. Then it goes on talk about comparing Solomon’s riches to the lilies of the fields and the birds of the air. What is wealth??

Watching the programme I must say, I asked myself what must it be like to have that kind of money to spend!!

However, coming down to earth with a bump, the more fundamental question is, what is our wealth? Where is our treasure?  And the age old question – can we take it with us? 

For both us, and all the successive Dukes of Devonshire, earthly treasures are useless when we stand at the door to eternity and face our maker!

Again I ask ‘What is Wealth’? 

Here is a favourite song – watch the faces of the folk in the congregation – I think I know where their treasure and wealth are!

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Lord may we surrender all to you keeping our treasure safe in our hearts and your Love. AMEN