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What Help!

by Alan Smith 29 January 2023

Exodus 3:7-8
Happy are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God.

Read: Psalm 146
For four hundred years the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. From a human point of view, their situation seemed hopeless. But God sent Moses to proclaim God’s power and concern for the people. A seemingly hopeless situation was transformed by the unimaginable acts of God.

When Jesus was executed, his followers scattered, fearing that they would suffer the same fate. The ray of hope that Jesus’ disciples had found in him died on that cross at Calvary. But the unimaginable power of God once again transformed a situation of despair. Christ’s resurrection kindled a flame of hope that would never be extinguished.

We all know that sometimes situations in our lives and the news from around the world can cause us to despair. But we must remember the unimaginable acts of God still break through seemingly hopeless situations. Through truth and prayer, we can call on our loving God to enter in and give us hope once more.

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Heavenly Father, you have no limitations. When our imaginations and efforts reach their limits give us the courage to step out into the unknown - trusting in You to help us. Amen