Sharing Our Faith Together

What is Life?

by Peter Blount 4 August 2022
First posted on 31/7/2020. We continue to publish new thoughts but hope you find blessing and encouragement from revisiting some we have previously published.

Good Morning all. Welcome to ‘Sharing Our Faith Together’

Today I want to stimulate your thoughts using words only!

Whilst out and about a few days ago, I returned to a spot in Duffield at which I have spent many a happy hour for as far back as I can remember. It is the footbridge over the railway just near the parish church (Not that that helps us on this occasion!). What I did discover, however, is that the bridge has been adopted by the local poets and it is now called ‘Poetry Bridge’. Fastened to the wooden panels at both ends are a selection of poems from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.

Whilst scanning some and reading others I came across one which was written by ‘anon’ but sums up so much in just a few lines I wanted to share it with you all – so – here it is entitled ‘Life’

A series of random moments,

directed by, and starring YOU.

Life is the story we are writing

And it passes by, no matter what we do.

You can live endless possibilities,

But without action, they’re just dreams.

Don’t let the things you really want

Become the ‘might have beens?’

The good, the bad, the joy, the strife

Embrace them all

For this is LIFE.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?
I hope you are challenged and encouraged by these words, just as I was.

May God in His wisdom help us all to live life to the full. Amen