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Where you go, I will go

by Stuart Malkin 20 June 2022

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Many years ago during the summertime as teenagers a group of us would go on a hunt. The interesting part of this hunt was that one of the group would be chosen to go ahead of the rest by about an hour and leave items for the rest to follow, as we tried to catch up with the leader. I can only remember two occasions that we ever achieved the objectives. We did too much talking and sitting to eat and drinking. Still, it was great fun unless you were chosen to lead the pack and also the markers were clearly marked.
I wonder if you recall an old game that needs action and brain to coordinate?  Ann reminded me of the game that the Brownie’s loved to play, no doubt many of us have played it at some time in our lives, “Simon says.” In that case it was not where you go I will follow but what you say I will follow.   In a way there is some similarity, it requires both body and brain to be coordinated.
In Luke 9 we read of would-be follows of Jesus.   A man said to Jesus “ I will follow you wherever you you go”  but Jesus replied that he had nowhere to lie down and rest.  One was left with the impression after thinking about the man, Jesus thought this was more than he could do.
He said to another man “Follow me” and the man replied “Sir, let me go back and bury my father”. Someone else, I will follow you but let me go and say goodbye by to my family.”   Jesus said to him , “Anyone who starts to plough a field and then keeps looking back is no use to the Kingdom of God” In other words, when saying “wherever you go I will go” needs to be a true statement and full of action not followed by BUT!

We read also in the book of Ruth how God had a plan for Ruth,  although Naomi felt that she had a plan these words became the centrepiece for this biblical passage, “where you go I will go”.   And as such they do say something to the way  our lives should be.  In other words, the directions of Jesus, our Lord and Master, requires much thought and action, not just for a short period of time.

Song: I have decided to follow Jesus no turning back

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Brothers and Sisters may we know what Jesus is to do and always be willing to follow the master. Amen