Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), all mid-week activities are suspended. Advice for Sunday worship to follow


“Pray continually for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18

We have a strong prayer ministry in our Church and we provide prayer support for ourselves and others in the following ways.

1. We organise times of collective prayer. We have a time of guided prayer every Wednesday 7.00-8.00pm.

2. Our Church is open for personal prayer on Saturdays 10:30am - noon and on Wednesdays 11:00am-1:00pm. All are welcome to come and find a quiet space to think and pray for a few minutes or however long it takes.

3. We have a prayer book in our church porch - this is available for prayer requests when our church is open. Any requests added to this book are included in our “Prayers for Others” (Intercessions), which take place during every Sunday Service. We also try to remember these requests during our personal prayers during the week.

4. After all our services our prayer team are available to provide prayer support for any who need it. There is a small table at the back of the main worship area.

5. If you would like individual prayer for a personal concern, we have some ‘Prayer Pockets’ on the wall in the porch. These are collected and prayed over by members of the Prayer Team.

6. We have an ongoing prayer chain. This is a large group of people who will answer a request for prayer within a short space of time as the message is passed by telephone or email.