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The Truth Will Set You Free

by Rev Greg Obong-Oshotse 18 September 2020

Reading: John 8:31-47

Text: John 8:32 “. . . you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

English physician Edward Jenner (1749-1823) is the pioneer of vaccination. He created the small pox vaccine, the world’s first. More than 10 per cent of the society died from small pox in his time. It was finally eradicated in 1979, after it had taken down an estimated 300-500 million in the 20th century. Jenner, physician extraordinary to King George IV, has been called the “father of immunology” for his work, which is also credited with having “saved more lives than the work of any other human.” Though it’s potential had been there, it was no use to anyone until it was actually discovered.

That’s what Christ shows here. One may have the letter of the Scriptures, as the Israelites did, but until its truth is accessed and revealed, it is no use. The Jewish leaders had the scriptures but not its truth. “The meaning of the scripture is the scripture,” says a theologian. Until the meaning is correct, we have neither the scripture nor its truth. This is why it could be so tragic to make the Bible say what it doesn’t mean. When, for instance, one interprets 3 John 2 to mean God wants believers to be millionaires, as many prosperity preachers especially do, they do not have the truth, because that’s not what it means. To know what scripture means is to know the truth, and to be released from the bondage of ignorance into the freedom of light.

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Prayer Dear Father teach us the truth of Your word that we may live in its freedom in Christ’s name, Amen.