Sharing Our Faith Together

Meditations For Holy Week - Good Friday

10 April 2020

Good Morning 

Please follow through today’s meditation taking time to reflect. It may also be helpful to have your bible to hand.

Friday, on this very special day, we gather at the foot of an occupied cross and are surrounded by those whose love for the Lord Jesus is unbounded as well as those who continued to mock him. In particular we stand with his mother, Mary Magdalene and other women who stood close by.

A day of pain and suffering                                                                    

Today, as the shadow of a cross falls over Calvary’s hill, the most part our meditation is the reading, and re-reading of this heartbreaking portion of scripture. Read it now, slowly, think about each character and ponder each word and sentence, the account of each terrible event which lead slowly and inevitably to the excruciating moment of His crucifixion, death and burial.

Share the horror, share the pain, share the suffering, help eventually, to win the victory.

Today please read from Mark 15 : 1 - 47

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Perhaps during the last few moments you have experienced deep emotion, sadness even tears, but always remember that the crucified Christ is now our redeemer and friend.                                                                                 

Let Us Pray

Heavenly Father, although painful, it is also our privilege to share in your suffering, that together we may gain the victory over sin and death. May we always be strong to reject the easy way of the world and seek the true, more difficult way that culminates in joy, peace and love with our saviour.

The only way you could endure that first Easter was because your Father watched over you. Today, as we live through difficult and unprecedented times we know that we walk with our hand in yours, and, when danger is nigh we feel your grip tighten to guide and reassure us.                                                                                                      

Thank you, Jesus, for all you did at Calvary.


Today is Friday BUT Sunday is coming!