Sharing Our Faith Together

Who Is Jesus To You?

by Chris Lane 7 April 2021

During the recent ‘Reflections through The Passion’, we have been asked twice ‘Who is Jesus to you?’

After the first occasion on day four (29.03.21) I wrote down my thoughts.

You are my everything.

You are my Lord.

You are the one who is with me when the day breaks,

You are the one who is with me when the night falls.

When I am sad, your loving arms enfold me.

When I am troubled, you are my rock.

When I have no answers to troubled questions about our world, you are the peace giver.

You are my guide, my strength, my stay.

You are the one in whom I put my trust.

You are the one I can turn to anytime, anywhere.

You are the one who came to this earth for me.

Suffered for me.

Died for me.

Rose again so my sins are forgiven through your grace.

You are my hope, now and for eternity. 

Forever mine.

And so I praise you.

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